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Swimming Holds Steady After Day Two

North Texas swim and dive wrapped day two of the Kansas Classic and Phill Hansel Invitational Saturday.
Senior Brittany Thurstin brought home first place in 100-yard fly (54.98) preliminaries. Jowita Sienczyk finished third in the 100-yard backstroke (55.54) preliminaries while the 200-yard medley relay team brought home third place in the finals with a time of 1:42.37.  

"It was a fun day for our team," head coach Brittany Roth said. "We got into a lot of our athletes' prime events, and they were really able to showcase the work they've been doing all semester. Karigan Stanley is such a team player and it was incredible to see her fight back in back-to-back events, and to swim faster in her finals too."
The 200-yard medley relay was made up of Sienczyk, Thurstin, seniors Meaghan Rousset and Emmabeth Jensen
"Each of those girls on the 200 Medley relay are selfless athletes," Roth said. "They give everything they have to the team and to one another. That team oriented mindset, and the race at all costs tenacity can create such an incredible chemistry, and lead the athletes to really great results."
Diving advanced two athletes to the finals in the 3-meter dive. Sophomore Meghan Miller finished 14th in the B-Final with a 225.90 dive. Junior Gabryella Silva finished 12th with a 231.85 dive. Miller placed the highest in the prelims with a 13th place finish after a 233.20 dive. Silva followed up in 16th with a 224.05. Senior Averie Ruiz came in right behind her in 17th with a 220.40 while freshman Altaira Wallquist finished 19th with a 219.35 dive.
Silva set a new personal best with her dive.
"It was a tough day," diving coach Mark Murdock said. "Only eight points separated seven places. Gaby led the way for the team. She has been truly focused, had a stellar day and now has a new personal best."
Both competitions will wrap Sunday. The Kansas Classic morning session will begin at 9 a.m., with the afternoon session getting underway at 2:30 p.m. Platform diving at the Phill Hansel Invitational will start at noon.
B-Finals 3-Meter Diving
12.) Gaby Silva - 231.85
14.) Meghan Miller – 225.90
200-Yard Medley Relay
3.) University of North Texas – 1:42.73 – Jowita Sienczyk, Meaghan Rousset, Brittany Thurstin, Emmabeth Jensen
9.) University of North Texas – 1:45.53 – Natalia Kwiatkowska, Ula Michalczyk, Karigan Stanley, Leigh Faires McGee
12.) University of North Texas – 1:47.10 – Addy de Tassanyi, Brooke Beddingfiled, Alvena Walpole, Kelsey Opiela
14.) University of North Texas – 1:49.12 – Bryanna Vasquez, Kathleen Rousset, Brianna Hanley, Micayla Morgan
400-Yard IM
9.) Karigan Stanley – 4:29.52
12.) Addy de Tassanyi – 4:33.02
14.) Jordan Gorham – 4:35.36
16.) Brianna Hanley – 4:39.93
22.) Carmen Botha – 4:50.76
23.) Donya Hamed – 4:51.62
100-Yard Fly
6.) Thurstin - 55.83
9.) Emmabeth Jensen - 55.60
13.) Karigan Stanley - 57.90
14.) Kelsey Opiela - 57.97
17.) Alvena Walpole - 57.31
20.) Micayla Morgan - 58.83
200-Yard Freestyle
T-4.) Leigh Faires McGee - 1:50.39
8.) Bryanna Vasquez – 1:53.05
100-Yard Breaststroke
6.) Meaghan Roussett - 1:04.39
8.) Brittany Thurstin - 1:06.00
10.) Ula Michalczyk – 1:05.21
11.) Brooke Beddingfiled - 1:05.21
13.) Kathleen Rousset - 1:06.34
100-Yard Backstroke
4.) Jowita Sienczyk - 55.60
8.) Natalia Kwiatkowska - 56.98
17.) Addy de Tassanyi - 57.56
28.) Micayla Morgan - 1:01.30
30.) Carmen Botha - 1:01.88
800-Yard Freestyle Relay
5.) University of North Texas - 7:35.57 - Leigh Faires McGee, Bryanna Vasquez, Karigan Stanley, Alvena Walpole
8.) University of North Texas - 7:42.66 - Jordan Gorham, Jowita Sienczyk, Emmabeth Jensen, Brittany Thurstin
14.) University of North Texas - 7:56.61 -  Natalia Kwiatkowska, Meaghan Rousset, Addy de Tassanyi, Brianna Hanley
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