General 2.0 Launches

June 8, 2018

DENTON - The North Texas Athletic Department has launched the redesigned, expanded and enhanced, the interactive map of UNT athletic facilities.

What is remarkable about version 2.0 of is the size and scope of the map:

  • The site's new map encompasses the entire main UNT campus, from the Surplus and Library Annex in the west to the Machine Shop and Sorority Row in the east; from the EESAT building in the north to the Soccer and Track & Field Stadium under construction in the south.
  • To add perspective of the campus' location in Denton, the street map extends north to Oak Street and east to Denton's Downtown Square.
  • Visitors can click and hold on the map then drag to scroll up, down, left and right to explore.
  • Every building on the main campus is shown, but rather than simple top-down two-dimensional outlines, every building is rendered in a three-dimensional image which is much more recognizable.
  • Every building is labeled, and visitors can click on any building to bring up brief information and a link to an information page, where available. Every athletic facility has its own information page housed on
  • The site also has an index of all the athletic facilities, with links to each facility's information page.

The map site was originally launched in 2011 to help familiarize fans with the growing but still relatively new Mean Green Village. The site featured an interactive map of all the UNT athletic facilities but did not encompass the entire main campus. The redesign of addresses that.

The map and its associated facility information pages are fully responsive and completely functional on a range of screen sizes, including mobile devices. The map and the website were designed and built inhouse by the UNT Athletic Department.

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