Kevin Von Erich and sons

Von Erichs To Wrestle At Apogee

DENTON - The Von Erichs are returning to Texas.

In the first ever professional wrestling event to be held in conjunction with a major college football game, Kevin Von Erich's sons Ross and Marshall and his niece Lacey - grandchildren of legendary pro wrestler and North Texas icon Fritz Von Erich - will headline a World Class Revolution wrestling card following the North Texas football game against SMU at Apogee Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 1. Kevin and his wife Pam are scheduled to return to Texas for the event.

"What a day coming Sept. 1 in Texas!" Kevin said. "My alma mater playing my dad's alma mater on opening weekend. My two sons will be featured at the first wrestling event held at a college football game. It will be great to see my old UNT friends and teammates and wrestling friends like "Hacksaw" Jim Dugan and Bill Mercer. I can't wait to return to my home state. God Bless Texas!"

The bouts are being sponsored by World Class Revolution, one of the premier professional wrestling companies in the United States, and will take place in a wrestling ring set up on the field at Apogee Stadium immediately following the Mean Green season opener. There will also be interactive events and photo opportunities with some of the wrestlers in and around Apogee prior to and during the game.

"Merging the worlds of college football and wrestling is such an exciting venture," World Class Revolution CEO Jerry Bostic said. "To be the first to do so with UNT is an honor. Our company stands to honor the history of professional wrestling as well as the present. Working to bring Kevin, Marshall, Ross and Lacey together in a professional wrestling setting is an honor. The Von Erichs meant so much to so many in this area, so this is near and dear to my heart. It's also an honor to bring "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan in to wrestle in front of his alma mater, SMU. College football is such a beautiful sport and, much like professional wrestling, it brings in people who are passionate about what they love. I'd like to personally think my mentor Jim Ross, Kevin Von Erich and North Texas officials for working with me to make this event happen."

In the 1980s and 90s, the Denton County native Von Erich family popularized wrestling and became household names. The sons of World Class Championship Wrestling promoter Fritz Von Erich became so popular that a WCCW event drew over 50,000 fans to Texas Stadium in 1984. During that time, the boys made a trip to the Six Flags theme park and the park had to be shut down because of fans flocking to see them.

"We are always looking for ways to make our game day environment unique and exciting," Vice President and Director of Athletics Wren Baker said. "The Mean Green has deep roots with professional wrestling with connections to the Von Erichs, Bill Mercer, Stone Cold Steve Austin and others. Bringing two great traditions together to entertain fans is going to be fun. The football game vs. SMU will be the marquee match-up in Texas during opening weekend. This unique promotion adds great value for our fans and gives us a chance to honor our wrestling tradition and the Von Erich family."

While Kevin Von Erich, who played college football at North Texas and won more than 30 titles during his wrestling career, is not scheduled to wrestle, his sons Ross and Marshall, who have held multiple tag-team championships, will compete. Also appearing will be Lacey Von Erich, the daughter of the late Kerry Von Erich. Lacey was involved in World Wrestling Entertainment and appeared at Wrestlemania XXV in 2009, when the Von Erich family was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Among the scheduled combatants are long-time ring veterans "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, who played college football at SMU and was the winner of the first-ever Royal Rumble, and "Iceman" King Parsons, who once defeated Kevin Von Erich's brother Kerry for the World Class heavyweight championship. Parsons now resides in Fort Worth and was the first African American heavyweight champion.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is also scheduled to be a part of the event. Ross is a longtime friend of UNT head coach Seth Littrell and the Von Erich family.

Fans who buy tickets to the football game will be allowed to stay and watch the wrestling event for no additional charge. Ticket prices start at $20 and will be available at Apogee Stadium while supplies last. For more information, fans can contact the North Texas ticket office at 940-565-2527 or check

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